"so what kind of bird are you?"

"more than one in one person i guess ;-)"


born in zary, a small village in the south-west of poland, my parents decided to move to germany when I was 11 years old. we moved to the sauerland region and I moved further to the south of germany, close and around stuttgart for my studies and work later on. in total I lived in this country for 25 years of my life. a new opportunity in my career showed up and so did I move end of 2016 to amsterdam. this city is one I would call my home for the first time in my life. these deep changes in life and everything which comes along with it, has inspired me since. 

in order to give you an insight of who I am, I will describe the several passions that I follow:




is the recent add in my life portfolio but will surely be the most impactful one. dealing with all kind of people always inspired and galvanized me.

to work for more than the last 12 years within the fashion industry and thereof all kind of nationalities and types of people fascinated me and will do so surely always and forever. i find it fantastic how much people can deviate from your own value-system and dealing with diversity challenges your integrity and makes you realize that being humble and open-minded is one of the biggest skills of our modern time. throughout the years of being a manager, a role model, a good friend, a mama, a big sister, a strong shoulder and very often a big pain in the ass, i still feel that i strived to do my best to let people grow and make them realize they have huge wings they were not aware of.

strategically building teams, working on big projects, taking people on a journey and seeing plants grow out of tiny little seeds, made me proud but never bold. i like to have my feet connected to the ground. i believe if you maintain that attitude you realize how much there is to learn and how impactful you are within the big picture. 

once you take a seat within this perspective, you start to poke and spin people into directions they might not see themselves. our all biggest challenge is that we stand in our own way and need someone to plant a little but precious seed, give some advice and reflect your perspective on things continuously.. it might truly hurt sometimes if you get a pretty honest feedback but I believe this is the best way to grow. if everything is fine, you will not change and you will not grow. if you open up to a life-long learning all of a sudden everything falls into place.

during my career i had several leadership workshops on business management, one-to-one and team management, change management, situational leadership and intercultural management.

currently i am fully certified as a MBTI (myers-briggs-type-indicator) coach and will gain a intercultural management certificate with the hofstede institute mid of this year.



was and is the biggest leisure time passion i ever had. period :-) being a big time foodie, spending time in the kitchen and baking my heart out gives me joy and happiness and makes me the happiest kid on earth. "as long as you can eat cookies, you always stay a happy kid and never grow up" is my all-time mantra. dealing with a few food allergies though gives additional challenge to test, try, fail and do it all over again. it is a fascinating process what can emerge out of a few simple ingredients. and seeing people's happy faces trying things multiplies the happiness for me far beyond infinite cookie outer space ;-)

close your eyes from time to time and let your taste buds "see" is one of my most fascinating experiences as it makes you actively taste what you eat and not see and therefore assume what you taste. the more we grow up, the more we loose this ability and i remind myself every time to break this scheme and truly explore. food is such a powerful medicine to nourish and give your wonderful body everything it needs. and it is usually the most simple ingredients that have super power and give you all you need..

local ingredients, grown biologically, in season and with a good environmental mindset is what i look for. I love to develop new and healthy recipes and avoid processed food. I believe health comes from a healthy and balanced lifestyle meaning to truly listen what your body needs. it sounds simple but it is rocket science especially in nowadays hectic of life. “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said hippocrates and he is so right. me myself started to live according to a macrobiotic approach and haven’t felt any better before..

i am currently working on www.kkscookiecrumble.com so keep your eyes open for whatever will come :-)




yeas here we go: the 28th of june something happened in me and looking back i wanted to write little essays forever and ever but thought they must be perfect. basically i started to write the first one in february this year but never got it published. and if you look for perfection you don't get anywhere. this idea to look for perfection bursted on that day and i thought "f*ck it, just bloody do it" so i wrote and hit publish and boom the first essay was online. and surprisingly it didn't hurt to see it was not perfect at all. learning to let go of perfection is a big lesson for me and doing things according to that mindset makes me grow. 

i share a lot of thoughts that end up being little stories. stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. they are pretty personal and sharing this level of personal insights is also a big difficult lifelong study on a PhD level for me :-) somehow i feel this world gets so weird that we need more people who speak up, share their stories and show a human and vulnerable side. there is simply too much perfection out there. so i really hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day or even for your life story.

i decided to mark each headline with a hashtag as this for me became a language on its own. we basically create new vocabulary by creating a hashtag. and so do i headline with a hashtag to circle down the idea i am writing about. the add-on of a logbook with a date came obviously from a nautical background and bridges the modernity of the modern language with something really old, simple and powerful. it seems to be a modern day journal mingling it's way from past, through present and into future. i started myself to paper journal daily and find this a very good reflection to see how i feel and what is going on in my life.



pretty lazy the last years, it awakes in me again. i like to experiment a lot with industrial supply, things that are not meant to be mixed together but exactly this is what i find fascinating and what calls my name for deeper exploration. i use some kind of packaging material contexting it into something new and unexpected. this seems to be my recycling space for things that i usually would get rid of. there is no strict theme although - i feel like colour finally found me and is pointing on itself by saying "work with me". whatever it is, it is meant to be a snap-shot and gives the observer all kind of space for interpretation.