logbook// 4th of november 2018 on #followyourpassion

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


deep deep inside of you: what are you craving for? what makes you feel alive? what is it that creates this tingling feeling in you? we all have a passion or even few in us but not many of us really follow them down the rabbit holes. it starts during childhood when we discover things that we love but usually get guided away from them once asked what we want to be when we grow up. it feels like what we want to be as a child cannot comply and grow on us until we become an adult. as soon as we truly say what we want adults are like: nah this is not what you will be able to make a living with.. why is that? i mean if we truly stay with our passion and improve our skills from an early age, we can not only be good at it but become truly brilliant. but somehow adults always try to put things into a grown-up-we-know-better-perspective. i mean i get it that possibly wanting to be a cowboy won’t make a living but being an astronaut might do, no? we should all be more playful and less judgemental. we should allow the kid in us to shine, tinker and wander the path of life. we should all see less why things won’t work and think more in options how things could work. we should let our adult experience aside and just play. only if we are not afraid of trying and failing we can find what we truly love instead of what is just ok. and that is what life is about.

i believe we all have so many no’s in us that keep us back from doing things we truly love. that keep us back from even trying. that keep us back from truly living this life. we keep telling ourselves excuses why we cannot do things and at some point we start to believe them. we start to limit ourselves. we start to turn our excuses into reality. we become comfortable and just tell us that even if we try we won’t compete so actually why bother. and that is how life goes on. that is what an average life looks like. and to me this seems to be the tipping point of becoming an adult. i decided this is not what i want. not necessarily to become an adult is what bothers me but to shift my perspective in this direction :-)

i believe that math is simple: instead of thinking why not you could just kick your ass a bit more and try. forget for a second about all those annoying no’s flying around here. i am pretty sure there will be this little bit that is a chance you might just do it and eventually succeed. the point is: not many go this extra mile. not many decide that it is worth trying. so you might end up very lonely on this path of yours. but as soon as you head on this road and follow the things you love and the things that seem impossible in first place, you will discover there is so much beauty on this scenic route in life. and that is where passion starts. that is where you get into a flow. into your flow.

i believe we should all put the question marks aside, be a bit less grown up, question less. and just try. in this little strip lies a big risk and a much bigger chance. to find a passion, to find out who you truly are. to find something that brings you into a flow. something that you love but were always much too afraid to try. something that might seem not realistic, possibly because no one tried before. try to not think about the “no’s” for a moment and just float. think what it could mean for you to just try living the possibilities that are there for you. regardless of what others will judge you and regardless if that seem to be the right thing out of a realistic perspective.

just do, just follow your passion. no matter what. do it for you. ONLY for you. nothing else matters. others will judge you anyway. but you know what? they don’t need to live your life so why bother. would you like to live theirs? i believe no. so go and find what sets your soul on fire.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K