logbook// 17th of july 2018 on #beingaverageisthenewcool

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


i don’t know what it is about this life we have but when i look back how our parents and grand parents were living their lives, i can’t get how much this world changed. it makes me sound like an old lady, not old-old but pretty much grown up, one that is taking a step back and looking at it from a bigger distance. sometimes i would even wish to have lived in another time — maybe, maybe not.. is one of those days where i struggle with humankind. this world became so bloody complicated as everything is within the reach of your hand. 24/7availability. instant gratification. you can have it all. perfection please.

yeah, this is how we live our lives. but what is this? the variety and amount of options is so huge that people suffer from f-o-m-o: the fear of missing out. so let me do some math: we can have all = basically good huh? but the infinite choices makes us struggle = so back to bad. hmm, i am not sure if this is what i want for me.

just recently i was thinking about f-o-m-o and at some point i started to smile as i twisted it into c-o-m-o for me. i honestly don’t believe that you have a great time if all you do is posting all the occurrences on all of your social media channels because simply said you are too busy with posting so you can’t enjoy and consequently you do not live in the moment. so back to c-o-m-o. for me this stands for the confidence of missing out. i am fully aware of all the choices we have but i consciously decide not to chase after each and every one of them. i am an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. i don’t need much to be happy. and i don’t believe that happiness is filled by consumerism. so i consciously miss out, now and then. i have my moments too when i post my stories on instagram and add a couple of pictures with #KKsfeetaroundtheworld but not much more than that.

i feel good with it, i really do. i was at the beach a couple of days ago and believe it or not i took 5 pictures, haven’t been looking on my phone most of the day, didn’t post anything but just enjoyed what was there. the breeze, the sea, the sand, the sun and i went for a swim. that was hell of a fun. coming back home i felt energized, recharged and well i could say i have snap-shot all the precious moments in my high-tech pro camera called the brain.

i realize more and more why i post and i think it is because of a more artsy approach to it. also to save this micro moment for me on my page and to know i can go back to it when i flip through my social media content and have my memories in place. for me this is more of a honest “how i felt in the moment kinda feel” that i want to preserve rather than presenting the world how exciting my life is. to say it very clearly: my life isn’t and i am absolutely content with that. i have friday and saturday nights where i go to bed at 10pm and weekends i don’t leave the house and particularly not my pyjamas. i love those days where the only schedule is to do nothing. NOTHING at all. this for me is the pureness of the confidence of missing out and i admit that to all of you.

by all of the social media content, we might be misled and think that life has to always be sparkle and unicorns and glitter and contouring type of make up, beautiful outfits, tons of latest designer handbags and shoes, of course all perfectly matching and wow wow happy happy sunny days. well, there might be some people out there who have that life but most of us don’t. and again there is nothing wrong about being average and not having a unicorn smoothie bowl in front of you while laughing your heart out at the camera. let me tell you as the old (not old-old ey) lady here that it is not something that is everyones reality and this is simply OK.

we all need moments of re-bounce and serene piece and calm. those moments are the ones that give us the fuel and energy we need to face this busy and sometimes very noisy and draining world out there. and once we start to truly live those moments and enjoy them as they come in real tv and not through a phone camera, this is where our mind starts to be at ease. this is where all the information that we are exposed to gets processed and properly stored.

so take a day per week even if it might sound really strange to do nothing, just try. no agenda. no gym. no make up. no perfection. pyjamas. pyjamas. pyjamas. ok maybe bikinis and swim shorts instead as i don’t want you to show up at the beach in your pyjamas and blame the tanning lines on me afterwards :-)

try it, i promise you that you won’t regret and your body and mind will feel rejuvenated as seldom before.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K