logbook// 23th of july 2018 on #lifegoals

logbook// 23th of july 2018 on #lifegoals

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


i keep thinking about so many things currently and one of the major important ones is to define your direction for life. the so called lifegoals..

this is actually the first topic i initially wanted to start writing essays about, but got really paralized writing down this caption. it took me almost 4 months to finally be able to write about it. it might sound really like a big impact to speak about lifegoals so let me explain what i mean by that.. everyone of us has a different imagination what a lifegoal means. mostly it sounds like a huge homework to deal with but this is not where i come from. the most important fact is to define something to start with if you don’t feel ready to make the full homework yet. well and maybe you might ask why defining lifegoals in first place seem of importance to me. so let’s discuss that shortly upfront.

i strongly believe you need a course to follow, because if you don't have one where do you go then in your life? i mean you can say you go with the flow and this is surely ok but there is a risk of waking up one day and being far off where you would like to be. you might have drifted away without realizing it.. and sometimes we are only able to realize how far away we got by having drifted really far.. seeing it that way i decided to define my lifegoals. not with a very detailed approach but a very simple one. so let me explain my methodology. it doesn’t need to be a big essay where everything is defined to the very last detail. i keep it simple: my lifegoals are my big 5 for life. it is just 5 key words that i defined for me that i try to follow every day. whatever i do, i always check with me if this is according to the direction i have in mind.

if i wouldn’t have this „northern light“, i would probably just go somewhere and might realize at some point that i am very off the track i want to follow in life. and to be honest i didn’t follow a particular direction for many years, it all somehow felt into place and i don’t mind today. but nowadays i know that i filled some years with partly wrong priorities and no impactful content. so at some point i decided to change that. i decided i need a clear direction to follow. it was not the easiest task to accomplish because of the simplicity and as we usually tend to make things very complicated i had my struggle to keep it very simple. especially when it comes to define something of this significant importance like your big 5 for life. so before you think now: omg, this will take forever, let me share my journey of getting there.

i started to think about it now and then in first place because it felt like a big chunk of work that was kind of overwhelming. so once i dived into that topic i told myself the big 5 are not set forever and will need a correction at some point anyway, even some might be replaced at some point. so i said to myself: no big deal little girl, just bounce off some ideas and see where it gets you.. realizing it is not set in stone made it easier to think about it in a more playful way. it took a couple of weeks in my head to come and go and spending some thoughts on it now and then. and as soon as you lower your expectations you eventually get there. so after the ideas went on in my head, i sat down and spend 15 minutes to write them down finally. and all of a sudden it just made sense.. it doesn’t mean they need to stay now for an x-amount of years but they give me guidance to follow what i want.

i believe in general simplicity is the key to a meaningful and good life and so do i believe that the big 5 are meant to be that too. in all this jungle of options and special offers we only can get lost when we don’t set a clear direction for us. there is always something waiting for you that seems to be the real deal. it’s either things that seem to be so indispensable even though you didn’t need them just a minute ago. and all of a sudden you feel like you need to own them immediately. on the other hand it can also be people, especially the new ones that we don’t know yet. especially with friends or in relationship we tend to swap for new as soon as something or someone is not giving you the attention you might expect. there is always a wanna-be-better offer just around the corner. there always will be one. new things and new people will always shine brighter until you look deeper and see there are also flaws and scars and challenges to deal with. so having a direction set makes you identify those special offers and look deeper if this is a good thing to go after. or if what you have in life is simply enough and just needs more attention and care.

but back to the big 5. one of mine is called „grow“ which can mean a lot. for me i look after growing in every direction. whatever i do, i try to learn, understand and educate myself as much as i can to grow in life. i like to learn new things and explore this life with my kid-like curiosity. it seems to be again so simple but asking that myself every day makes me realize what i do to grow. and if there are days i don’t, i take action and correct my course. it helps me to see clearly that all i do daily becomes a piece of the bigger picture. it gives me satisfaction to develop my mindset and expand my knowledge. this is one of my big 5 and i hope it makes sense to you..

the point is once you set a direction, you won’t go fully astray. you can always gallavant other ways but by all the beauty you see, you will return to the beauty you are looking for you.

in the beginning i mentioned i don’t want to sound dogmatic neither to keep it too black and white so let me show you an example for an exception too. from time to time, i do things that are not aligned with the usual healthy lifestyle i follow so those „adventures“ are not according to my plan. to be honest they are sometimes very far of the course and i am not proud of what i do when i leave the healthy track BUT i surely keep coming back to my direction after going astray. if i wouldn’t have this course set, i would probably follow this direction and not look well enough after me.

once you set the intention, things will start to align slowly, so if you feel like this might be something for you, give it a go. i am not saying it is easy but i am surely saying it is worth it. it is your life and once you set the destination you want to sail to, things start to magnetically turn into this direction too. all the energy gets a boost and it becomes effortless.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K