logbook// 1st of august 2018 on #hungerforlife

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


new month. new beginning. new page. new start. technically this is what it feels but to be honest we need to learn to not only use those "optical" beginnings like the 1st of a month to start with something new.

it seems that we put up a line-up of excuses to not start living the life we desire at any day given. the only prerequisite needed shall be that the day you pick, is called TODAY.

keeping that in mind living life to the fullest doesn't mean that we need to do extra-ordinary and again try to fake a perfect life. no, don't get me wrong. it simply means we should stop watching the boats passing by, the time running out, our life goals expiring. and thus only by telling us that the day we start a fully new life is going to be tomorrow. if we simply don't grab the chances by the balls just as they come along, usually not in  a particular and desired order, we will not have a meaningful life. we will realize at some point that things don't come back. everything that happens, happens once. and once you stand on a threshold and decide for which door you choose, this is it. you can't go further on option A and then decide you actually preferred version B at a later stage. those repetitive choice moments usually happen only once in life, second chances are rare. and this is how our individual path in life evolves. every crossroad and threshold asks us for a conscious decision where we want to go. and where we want to head to. and we decide. we are the captain. the driver. the operator of our life roller coaster. but the difficulty is if we only sit and watch life happening, we do not take an active part to contribute and choose where we want to be. we do not live, we become lived by the circumstances.

so let me tell you: choose wisely. be cautious. stay hungry. be bold. be humble. be you.

whatever it is: go for the little and big chances in life and grab them with both hands. embrace them, even though sometimes they are not clear yet. and possibly without knowing what their consequences will be. no matter how easily they try to slip out of your hands. no matter how belittle they seem. no matter how vague they feel at a certain moment. no matter how difficult they are to be tamed because you possibly miss the skillset. as soon as you have this tingling feel in your belly, just go and grab your destiny. write your own life story.

because if you keep the what i call a "passive-sushi-train-mentality" you will not get far. you sit in front of the sushi train and every time your favorite plate passes by, you do not make the effort to grab it. you do not reach out to get hold of it. and at some point you just go give up hunting the rare and raw choices. and you do the opposite: you start going for the mainstream choices, the ones that are plenty in availability. the ones that are available 24/7. the easy ones. the ones that don't ask for lot effort. yeah they are easy, but man they are boring..

you will see the boats sailing away and on the other hand you will see yourself going astray and loosing the focus for your life. as soon as we stand still, we move backwards is what i believe. we circle into our comfort zone and start to embrace the coziness to it. we start to tell us how nice it actually is. we start to maintain this by telling us how amazing that momentum is. and what kind of safe haven we built around us. how lovely this castle we live in, actually is. and how well we managed to furnish this place. the anchor drops deeper and deeper and suddenly we realize how unmovable we became.

i invite you to sit closer to the sushi train. first row. arms stretched out. to snatch when the chances are there. sometimes it might not be easy to get hold of it. most probably it will never be an easy one to accomplish. the point is: either you learn or you loose. but the chances to learn are so much bigger. they make you truly grow. and best news is your intuition knows the way. so let in this feeling and start to live according to your set of rules in life. don't try to be everybody's darling. don't try to fit. don't listen to everyone. not other's opinions pay your bills. you pay them yourself by being the real and hungry person that is longing for life. longing for those chances.

try. it will be worth it.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K