logbook// 29th of august 2018 on #mirrorwriting

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


happiness and sadness, light and darkness, joy and tears.. so often we do not realize that opposites in life can only exist and being enjoyed by seeing both sides of the story.. often we only see the positive in life and struggle to see the hidden beauty in dark moments. nowadays i believe the dark ones are crucial to see the light and happiness.. but it was a long journey to get there..

only by accepting the dark and sad moments we are able to enjoy the light and happiness to the fullest. i experience it very often to have very happy days but also to fall into a dark cave afterwards. it kind of goes hand in hand. but once you learn to surrender and enjoy the darkness as a natural part of you, you become more content at enjoying the good moments. "light is darkness" and same is "darkness is light" in mirrorwriting. often we oversee this simple, yet so powerful fact. and in my opinion this is the beauty to life. fully free-falling into everything life has in store for us. only by learning to embrace the aloneness we start to enjoy company. we need me-time and so do we need people around us. we need a dark and heavy storm to see the beauty of sunlight on a sunny day and vice versa. by accepting the power to it, we start to see the bigger picture in life. we start to embrace those "negatives" as an evident moment and a major psrt of the bigger picture.

i myself love to spend time with people. people that inspire, intellectually attract and galvanize me but i also know how much alone time i need to process and digest that experience. and it is even more that is important about alone time: we all need the alone times to store every experience properly in our brain, to give it time, settle and linger is a major key to process all learned and enable to put things in the right box.

remember when you have been bored as a kid? it happened very often to me and i enjoyed it a lot. just time with me, no agenda, just be. this simple fact made it possible to process all experience into a proper piece of your mindset. nowadays we think slow-down-time is something wrong so we try to keep us busy by all means and aim to simply never be "bored". think twice - this is what we all need. we are not able to take in constantly without pressing the pause button for a moment. this is a major key to properly store, reflect and consequently learn from every experience.

try to make time for you, to just be with you, to simply BE, enjoy and linger, do not have an agenda, just float through life, tinker and wander.. only by accepting those down times you will be able to peak high and take off and live life to the fullest. if you do not accept and respect your natural down times, you will stay shallow and will not be able to get into the flow. the fly high zone is only for those who learn to fly low, dark, dirty and look their demon of darkness into the eye. there is much to learn in this zone even though most of us don't feel comfortable to be there. it feels dangerous, dark and like something we want to refuse in first place. but it is a natural part of all of us. some of us might have a smaller or bigger dark side but once we start to see it, it becomes bit more controllable, a bit more of a shape and a bit more of a human part of us. there is nothing wrong about darkness in us, we simply all have it. but as soon as we start to deal with it, we become the one in charge, not necessarily always but more and more often. we practice and learn to control both sides, we learn to be in the flow with both of our faces. only by accepting that one cannot exist without the other, we tap into a whole new side of us, a person we probably never met before.. the me we never knew. that is a natural part of us, that me that is pure darkness but yet so beautiful. it is a me we cannot refuse. and we start to embrace and enjoy this dark beast, this ugly demon. but also the dark and ugly has it's charm and beauty.. sometimes you just need to take a closer look and spend some time with it to eventually see the true beauty at second sight. be brave, be strong, try and try again, be sure that it is something that will feel familiar because it is a natural part of us.

do me a favour: enjoy everything that life throws at you, even though it doesn't make sense in this moment, just surrender and accept. life sometimes needs time to make it clear for you, to let you understand. you can only connect dots backwards. but by simply accepting, we show openmindedness and we become free. the will to simply be, show patience and accept is a big lesson. everything that happens to us is a lesson - you simply never loose, you always learn. this is the only way to see beauty even if there seems to be none. to see a bigger picture even if there seems to be none in that moment. the journey and consequently all the little moments make life beautiful. 

that fact changed my mindset a lot and i don't constantly look for answers, because sometimes there is simply a question. and a feel. and an intuition that makes you follow SOMETHING. and in that moment you have no clue what it is gonna be.. just surrender. accept the good and the bad, and especially the ugly.. fully accept the whole spectrum life has in store. you will see the depth and altitude to life. and eventually the answer will show at a later stage. but in the end you learn to see both sides of the story and enjoy one while enjoying the other. this makes life so much more beautiful.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K