logbook// 12th of january 2019 on #equilibrium

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


back here yo, with the little thought for today. very recently i saw a close friend and we had a couple of drinks and i had some tea intertwined to prevent me from getting drunk too quickly :-) and as i picked the first tea bag, he immediately pulled my leg because i said: oh this tea is so me because of the name ”intense and équilibré”. ok, so a) let’s not discuss further on the intense part :-) but b) look closer into the équilibré side of my mindset. just to mention this on an explanatory note: he knows me pretty well, and he exactly knows which strings to pull to tease me big time but it triggered the idea back into my mind to write about the importance of an equilibrium state of mind, so here we go!

i developed a liking for this anecdote about the chocolate cake and i think this one is gonna do a decent job in describing what i mean. but first let’s do some image-work: imagine yourself craving really badly for a delicious piece of chocolate cake, like big time. i mean mine is truly vegan but moist and made with dark chocolate and so mouth watering. are you with me? whatever your piece of cake is like, I guess you have an image in mind and that is what we need!

and then let’s go bit further on this image journey: so you get yourself a piece of this delight and because you didn’t have it in a while, you scoff it down. you do not enjoy it slowly. so after this first piece, you eventually go for another one because you just don’t feel fully satisfied. and once you start eating the second piece, you feel that it is just that bit too much of chocolate cake and by the end of it, you feel you overate big time. so the natural consequence is that you won’t have your chocolate cake for quite a while and what is way worse is that feeling that is the consequence of the overeating itself. it literally takes just too much space in your stomach for a while and you regret you had too much.. eventually you turn into something savoury the other day and do this mistake over and over again. the point i want to make is that we all quite often struggle to find just the right amount to be sane. we do the rollercoaster ride.

i truly believe this is a beautiful anecdote that transfers for so much in life and that is where the equilibrium comes in place: whatever you do, you have to find this tiny edge of having just the right amount of the things you truly love. funnily it’s a true allrounder anecdote that you can literally apply everywhere: it can be food, it can be alcohol or other addictive substances but also all kind of other forms of consumerism: shopping, tv shows, video games, you name it. any kind of something that might turn into an addiction.

but it can also be people. you have to find the right balance between spending as much time with your friends and acquaintances but at the same time pencil in some me-time in your agenda. honestly i think people undervalue how important that is and that makes many struggle. no one is perfect and we all struggle but i think it is crucial to find this healthy state of equilibrium in literally every place. it has - as so often - so much to do with “being in the now”, minimizing any distraction and truly enjoying the present moment. if you eat the cake, you have a glass of wine, you watch your fav series or you hang out with your closest ones. be present, be aware and truly enjoy it. eat small bites, take little sips, laugh out loud, listen carefully and be grateful for every little of those micro-moments. and don’t get me wrong: you may go all in from time to time with whatever you crave for and i bet you will but then enjoy it to the fullest. having 2 or even 3 pieces of chocolate cake is totally acceptable but be aware and listen to your body and mind to see how that feels.. by applying such consciousness to whatever yo do, i promise you will not be tempted to over-indulge on the chocolate cake or anything else in life :-)

and if you now feel like you need a piece of chocolate cake: i so feel you and no i am not sorry for awakening this desire in you :-) so go for it, just make sure you pick the most delicious one!

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K