logbook// 16th of january 2019 on #flawless

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


back here with a little story.. if you think i am gonna write about how flawless i am.. nope this is not gonna happen ;-) simply because i am not flawless at all. i believe no one is. but we all pretend. some of us more. some of us less. we try to be someone instead of just being who we are. oscar wilde said once: “most people are other people” and that quote has so much truth in it.. for so many manifold reasons we try to be a different version of us. the point is: what seems to be so intriguing about this version? and why do we constantly try to live against a version of us that is somewhat not us?

oh well, you can tell that i’ve been there and have gone through that process, right? and you are so damn right! it took me lots of time to realize this enlightenment in my life. but let me explain the other side first: where i believe striving for a different/ better you is good and healthy.

seeking daily to be a better version by waking up early, exercising, working out, learning new things and growing intellectually is very important. occasionally leaving your comfort zone and scaring yourself to death, too :-) this is what i do and i am sure this is a big part of my mindset embedding my eagerness and drive. i take cold showers, eat very healthy to maintain a good condition, never go to bed without having learned something new but apparently growing the chunk of happy-kid-mentality seems to have an equally important share. it truly seems to achieve a better version of you is an inside job. and by all means the result doesn’t mean to become flawless, it’s about becoming better. day.by.day.

simply because standing still means moving back. when you rest, you rust. so keep going.

what i don’t do on the other hand is comparing me to others, i seriously stopped aiming to reach an unrealistic body image or am jealous of what others have or achieved. i guess finding your own playground and defining your values is important in this process. it makes it easier to not look in a competitive way but see where you wanna be fully detached of others. it helps to focus on your own life goals and make them your biggest priority. comparing yourself to others doesn’t really add any value. not in the idea itself to learn features that someone has but in the idea to try to copy someone without checking in with you if this is really what YOU want.

i learned the last years that the people that really excite me are the ones with the most unusual stories, the ones that went through a lot of shit in life. the ones that despite every single setback, stood up again and took the lesson. not by trying harder, but by trying different. by not giving up. by licking their wounds and embracing their scars. i love that. it truly shows me that no one is flawless and that is the beauty of every individual. we all have beautiful stories to tell, we have so much that we can learn from each other. you just need to find your own space in life.

but somehow this world requires us to not speak about the setbacks. or is it us thinking that set backs are not adding any beauty to our personality? think about that.. is our society seriously only accepting instant perfection?

i think sharing true stories, sharing set backs and scars that life left you with, is a wonderful attitude.. this is what touches people at their core. this is what makes people connect through fragile and rare empathy. this is what makes us see that we are all build the same way. not by being perfect, but by being real. i am so blessed about all the people i met and every time i discover an imperfection, i get curious and dive deeper. i ask questions, i want to know the why and the how and most of all i want to know where the scars are coming from. i want to know what made people be the person they are. these are the most interesting stories..

so here comes my usual invite: don’t be afraid to show that side of you, try and you will see how much people will appreciate to see there is a deeper connection as a human by sharing the true you. be unflawless. be real.

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K