logbook// 27th of january 2019 on #lowestcommondenominator

hello lovely world people out there, decided to finally start writing little stories, honest stories, stories i go on and on about in my head and sometimes stories that i don’t have an answer to.. hope you like reading it and get a bit of a spin for your own day by day// life story


back here with a little story.. and i start with a quote that is one of the most powerful ones for me: “how you do anything is how you do everything..”

it has such a power once you start thinking how much truth lies in it.. i observe that effect in everyday’s life a lot. it is always small things that magnify their impact on a larger scale. let me give you a few examples: i used to rush brushing my teeth in the morning and barely made it to persist in that procedure for 2 minutes. that was a perfect example of how my whole past life was: i was rushing, always felt like i miss out on so many things and life felt passing by like a fast train. i couldn’t find a way of being the master of my time and it made me feel so miserable. i constantly felt that days, months, years passed by in a blink of an eye and i was never able to catch upon on what i was missing out. don’t get me wrong it’s not that i am saying that if you start to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, miracles will happen along the way. but for me my attitude and perception of how the pace of life is, did change eventually. something shifts when you start to pay attention to how you do small things. nowadays i brush my teeth for 3 minutes and so do i take and have time for many other things..

it can by any kind of behaviour on a small scale that radiates itself out through your whole life. if your mind is scattered, so is usually your whole life. if you are careless and sloppy with the things you own, you won’t be taking good care of anything. if you are always late, it’s mainly because you do not take the effort to wake up 15 minutes earlier and plan the day ahead of time but snooze ultimately instead. if you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of others. if you do not eat well and treat your body like a sanctuary, you will never be able to be sharp, focused and at your best performance. if you allow toxic people in your life, also you will radiate and attract toxicity. and if you do not go slow and stop now and then, you will never be able to live in the now and focus on what your direction in life is. it is all a karma cycle that radiates it’s consequence on a larger scale.

i know it sounds pretty simple but i believe the biggest secret and formula lies in the smallest things. if you do those the way you want your life to happen, your whole life will line up according to this pattern. whatever you do - and here is the formula - with ATTENTION, INTENTION, FOCUS and CARE will turn out just right. you need to pay attention for the small things and all of a sudden the big ones start to fall into place. if you take care of yourself and see the added-value in the concept of self-love you will care for others and make a difference in their lives. the small things become an epitome of a greater picture and without any big effort you will realize that your life is changing..

i invite you to try, i invite you to pay attention, be in the now and take a close look with a pure and modest beginner’s mind on how you do the small things - each and one of them - and decide consciously if a change is needed.. and then observe the effect that radiates out according to this scheme.

live life intentionally. pay attention to everything that is important to you, focus on how you do daily tasks. care for you and your loved ones. life will follow..

thank you for reading until this point, means the world to me..

much love, K